Our Martial Arts division believes that anyone, regardless of age, gender, fitness or experience level, or physical limitations can enjoy martial arts and enhance their life through the lessons learned in martial arts. Our programs focus on developing more than just martial arts skill. Our students develop confidence, focus, discipline, and respect leading to an overall higher quality of life. Grades at a school go up, performance at work increases, and personal relationships deepen and become stronger. Our motto, “Teaching life skills through martial arts” says it all. Whether it’s self protection for you and your loved ones, a lifelong passion for the martial way of life, or a hobby to enrich your quality of life, our martial arts division offers something for everyone.


Very few martial arts programs can accomplish what ours can.  With a focus and dedication to our material and our students, along with a very particular skill set that far exceeds that of other martial artists and instructors, we can truly teach you how to make a difference in your life.  President Matthew Lozinsky is a full time martial artist instructor.  This in and of itself is unique and sets us apart from the competition.  Rarely can martial arts teachers make a living off of that skill set.  Accessing programs designed and taught by a full time martial artist means 100% of the instructors focus is on you.  This is difficult for other martial arts programs who’s instructors work full time jobs and teaching, while a passion, is not their primary focus in life.


Come see what why our martial arts classes and world class instruction is recommended by world leaders in the combat arts teaching community and take your first step at unlocking the winner inside today!

Our classes feature;

  • Social interaction with others
  • Leadership & Team Work
  • Lessons in healthy living
  • Striking, blocking, and grappling
  • Exposure to other languages and culture and history
  • Confidence, Discipline, and Respect
  • Physical activity and excercise
  • Learn Goal Setting & Achievement
  • Traditional Kata for kids
  • Traditional & Modern weapon classes for Adults


Private and Group sessions available as well as regular weekly classes.

We have a variety of payment and membership options available to suit your needs.


Call today for details 403-797-0027

Kids and Juniors

Kids and Juniors Classes Okotoks Martial Arts

Ages 5-13


Adult Classes Nijutsu Okotoks

Ages 14+


Adult Classes Arnis Kali Eskrima Okotoks

Ages 14+

Breathe Parkour

Parkour Okotoks Martial Arts
Ages 5+

Stand-up MMA

Adult Classes MMA Boxing Okotoks

Ages 14+