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I can attest from being a previous member of Rising Phoenix myself that Sensei Matt runs a safe, fun and educational club, focused on celebrating ones personal victories while challenging their weaknesses to grow. I learned a lot from his dojo while feeling I also contributed my experiences for the benefit of others. Had I not been moving to Manitoba, I could have seen myself as a lifetime member there. Thank you for the memories and the lessons, Sensei. 😎✌


TOP notch expertise and amazing people!

Ayla Ulriksen

We have a son who has been training at Rising Phoenix for years. Matt is so good with the kids, they learn lots, and always leave with a smile.

Erin Vikse

My son has been training here for over a year and he absolutely loves it. It is amazing to see the skills he is developing during class and how he is applying them in other sporting activities, school and even at home. Rising Phoenix puts a strong emphasis on martial arts education as well as life lessons but it is balanced out by an outlet for play and fun. Another integral part of this club is the vivid sense of community among the students, these friendships extend outside of the dojo; it really is a way of life. KidTestedMotherApproved. Easily a 5 Star rating!

Kimmy Ann

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