Birthday’s, Groups, Corporate

Birthday Parties

Who doesn’t want to be a martial artists on their birthday?!  Our 2 hour birthday party can accommodate up to 12 participants ages 5 and up.  Material can include Ninja Kids games and interactive lessons for a younger audience all the way up to  Filipino or Japanese martial arts for an older audience.  Our cost is $250 and includes cake and martial arts lesson.  Make sure to bring your camera for plenty of photo opportunities!  Contact us to book your spot today.




Corporate and Group Events

Share a new and exciting experience with your group or team with our interactive martial arts lessons.  Material is very adjustable and we can create a unique experience for you.  Class material can include Filipino stick fighting, traditional Shaolin Kung Fu, Japanese Samurai sword or other weapon, Gracie Jiu Jitsu, or self defense.  Class time can be adjusted from to meet to your needs.  Contact us today and let our staff create an exciting experience for your next group event.


FTS Inc. has provided specialized self protection classes for Syngenta, SAIT Polytechnic, Alberta Society for the Visually Impaired and others.  Our classes can focus on our Mind Armor Lecture Presentation or our hands on Victory Self Protection class.

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